Tool changer delta

  • Hello friends! who will tell you how to implement an additional motor and limit switch, for example, for changing the tool, or, for example, cleaning the nozzle with a brass brush?
    I know that it is much easier to implement this all on a servo drive, but you need it on a stepper motor.
    the algorithm of actions is as follows: the end switch is needed to set the starting point, before the start of printing, the head is sent (Zn), the brush extends and makes a movement back and forth, then goes into the parking lot.
    algorithm # 2: the head rises to a height (Zn), the tool moves out (let's say a laser) sticks to the magnets, the head makes a movement to the side to prevent the magnets from sticking, the handle is parked from the tool; the head goes further to

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    You can use M584 to create an additional linear axis on your delta printer. That axis can have a homing switch just like any other, and you can add commands to home it in your homedelta.g file.

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