Stepper motors for duet 2 maestro

  • I have a pretty good DIY 3D-printer but I still have some wierd vertical lines and I think they are caused by the cheap stepper motors I got from China. So I want to upgrade them to some better stepper motor. At the 3D-printer store where I always buy my parts and filament they only sell a set of "SL42S247A" stepper motors.

    Motor specs given on the website:

    Length: 47 mm
    Weight: 360 g
    Voltage: 3.3 V
    Type: SL42S247A
    Holding torque: 5 kg-cm
    Nominal current: 2.5 A
    Shaft diameter: 5 mm
    Stepper motor format: Nema 17
    Step angle: 1.8°

    Will this be a good motor for the Duet 2 maestro or will the current be to high?

    My Duet 2 Maestro is cooled with a fan and the MCU Temperature does not go over 30°C with my current setup with 1.7A stepper motors.

  • @micheldb14 said in Stepper motors for duet 2 maestro:

    Will this be a good motor for the Duet 2 maestro or will the current be to high?

    no. the motors require to much current.

    if you want to improve the quality of your prints, i would recommend to go with 0.9 degree steppers, especially with a corexy printer.

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    Try to find some motors with a current requirement below 2a so that when run at ~80% of the rated current they are within the Maestro limit.

    As Veti says, 0.9 would be smoother in theory and allow more natural precision.

    More info here:

  • Thank you for the replies. In that case I won't buy the 2.5A stepper motors and I will look for some lower amerperage steppers. The only problem I can think of is that the maximum print speed with 0.9 degree steppers is lower than 1.8 degree stepper.

    My (cartesian) printer is pretty high end with a metal frame and lineair railses on all axis.
    Right now I have 1.8 degree steppers with 16 microstepping with interpolation and I have done prints before at +- 300mm/s.

    What would be the max print speed I can get with 0.9 degree steppers?

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    @micheldb14 said in Stepper motors for duet 2 maestro:

    What would be the max print speed I can get with 0.9 degree steppers?

    You can use the EMF calculator here to determine your theoretical top speeds.

    In general though I don't think you'll notice too much of a difference. Printing at 300mm/s has other limiting factors that are likely to come into play before exceeding the motors top speed.

  • Thank you. I was searching for that calculator but I wasn't able to find it.
    You are deffinently right about the speeds. most of the time the printer wont reach anything near 300mm/s but I just wanted to make sure the limit with 0.9 degre steppers did not go as low as 150-200mm/s. But I just checked the calculator and even with 0.9 degree steppers I should be able to get 300mm/s so thats a good thing.

  • Would this be a good motor for the maestro?
    I know the inductance should be below 4mH but that information is not given.
    Should the motor be good or should I look for something els?


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    I'd be reluctant to buy a motor without knowing the inductance, but if it's sold as a 3d printing related motor it's likely OK, so I think that motor should be alright considering where it's coming from. The rest of the details are a good match for the maestro.

  • Yes it's a 3D-printer store (Reprapworld).
    I will just send them a message to ask them about the inductance.
    If they don't know I will just give them a try and hope for the best.

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