Duex 5 driver failure

  • I have a new Duex5 that has just started reporting a driver 9 failure, along with extreme heat and a little smoke from the driver chip. When I re-power the board I get an error message driver 9 short-to-ground, over temperature shutdown, regardless of whether there is a stepper connected or not. I am not able to keep the unit powered up, as the driver chip gets very hot and that unpleasant smell returns.

    The Duex5 had been connected to the Duet Wifi for only a few days and printed fine using Driver 5(extruder 3), but Driver 9(extruder 4) was not used in an actual print job until the failure happened. The error appeared less than a minute after extruder 4 started extruding. The Duex5 worked fine during commissioning and multiple tool changes and TAMV passes. I did extrusion/heater tests and calibration to extruder 4 without any issues. The error began during the first moments of extrusion, less than a minute. I was able to shut it down, but apparently not fast enough.

    I have(had) a Hemera extruder connected to driver 9, if that matters or not.

    My main purpose of posting here is to see if this could be a defective board covered by warranty. I realize that it could be an issue on my end as well, a wiring fault between the board and the extruder. This is hard to confirm if I am unable to power the board safely.

    I am also wondering if there is a way of physically disabling the bad driver so I can continue using the rest of the Duex5. As mentioned above, it seems like the board will continue to cook/melt if I run it in its current state.

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    Can you post some photos?

    When and where did you purchase the duex5?

    Can you post the results of M122?

    You can try disabling the driver with M569 P9 R-1 but I'm not sure that will help in this case.


  • Thanks for responding. I purchased from filastruder last week; they directed me to post here on this forum. I can't post M122 results unless I fire up the board and make more smoke.

    Picture definitely show that the driver is blown.


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    Yes that's certainly gone molten.

    Please contact Filastruder and refer them to this thread as warranty authorization.

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