Z probe Z=0 full steps

  • So another thread and babystepping got me to thinking about something.

    Is it possible to give feedback to the user regarding Z being a full step or micro step?

    If we can insure that Z=0 is a full step and then set layer heights to be a division of full steps then we could achieve perfect Z layer lines.

    Obviously we get less control over first layer precision but the overall print would be better quality.

  • I wonder how we can do that, for a delta you trigger the endstops, not necessarily on a full step and then descend until your probe finds the bed and stop also not necessarily on a full step. With 0.9deg motors and 16t gt2 pulleys 1 full step is 80 microns. Can I live with converting my z precision after G30, which with a Piezo probe is to 10 microns, to between 0-80microns higher than this, if moved to a full step, since it can't be lower than this? Hmm, a babystep is 50 microns and you can see the effect of one babystep on your first layer. I haven't tried homing and probe with microstepping off, might be worth doing just to see what happens.

    I might use quite low motor current I suspect it will bump the bed potentially a bit harder without microstepping.

  • I briefly switched my microstepping off on my delta but the noise it made was too horrific for the test to continue (at least until daytime).

  • I have a way but it might be hard with your setup. Move your z to the pre leveled. Enable the motor motors your stepper should be locked pull to a full step loosen your coupler on your z height assuming you only have one Z acme shaft and then tighten your set screw. I have tried this before while calibration diagnosing but after that I didn't really have a use for it.

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