Dual Filament Sensors

  • I have a dual extruder custom 3D printer that uses the Duet Wifi board, I will install 2 optical filament sensors, one for each extruder. My question is, where do I connect the optical sensors on the Duet wifi board? And what code should I include in the config.g file?

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    What firmware version?

    What exactly are the sensors?

    When you say optical filament sensors, do you mean they use optical endstops?

    The e0 and e1 endstops would be the place to connect them, and the gcode to put in config.g would be M591 and would depend on your firmware version and what kind of sensor it is.


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    Optical sensors like the ones used for endstops.

    I will try connecting them to E0 and E1endstops and add the below lines in config.g file.

    M591 P2 C"e0stop" S1 D0 ;filament monitor connected to E0 endstop
    M591 P2 C"e1stop" S1 D1 ;filament monitor connected to E1 endstop


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