Endstop always triggered, even when unplugged. (WorkBee CNC)

  • Hello,

    I recently broke the X axis endstop when homing my machine, no clue why but it must have added extra steps, then popped the endstop away, and stopped.
    It was not the first time homing the machine.
    I did not change anything in the config files except what was asked by the manufacturer during the setup process.

    I have just received a new endstop (same model, bought from Ooznest website).
    After plugging it (while machine is not powered), I noticed the X endstop was triggered (on the web interface, but LED off) even though It was not physically triggered.
    When pushing the trigger manually, the red LED switches on, while nothing changes on the web interface.

    Same thing happens when I unplug the endstop, still shown as triggered on the web interface, LED off.
    The machine is running the latest updates from Duet and Ooznest.

    I have to admit I am quite confused here.

    Any help would be welcome,
    Thank you !

  • LED reflects the voltage on the signal pin, web interface reflects what the firmware sees.

    If you didn't change the config and the web interface doesn't change then odds are the pin on the microcontroller is damaged unfortunately.

    The easiest is probably to reconfigure to use E0 or E1 endstop if free (or one of the expansion port pins, but iirc you should have some resistors to protect the expansion port pins, so E0/E1 is easier.)

  • Thank you for your quick answer.

    Both E0 and E1 are free.
    Changing "M574 X2 Y2 Z2 S1" to "M574 E02 Y2 Z2 S1" would be correct writing ?

  • Uhm, E02 isn't valid I think.

    I'm sure your friendly neighborhood config wizard will be along with some tips, could be RRF3 is needed to be flexible with the pins.

  • Moderator

    Yes I think you will need to use RRF3 to get the flexibility of endstop remapping.


    Not sure how that will play out with the workbee customizations until they are also updated to RRF3.

    @Bunanomori said in Endstop always triggered, even when unplugged. (WorkBee CNC):

    The machine is running the latest updates from Duet and Ooznest.

    Can you be more specific?

  • I meant to say "update provided by ooznest", sorry.
    As you said I was affraid that customizations probaby would not work. To be sure, I have messaged them.

    The machine runs :
    Duet 2 Wifi
    RepRap 2.03 (2019-06-13b2)
    Duet WiFi Server Version: 1.23

  • I wanted to try installing again same firmware and updates before maybe going to RRF3.
    No idea why, but it has solved my issue.

    Thank you for your answers and time.

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