1.19beta8 Web Interface Keeps Disconnecting…

  • Not a good day today for the 1.19beta8 WiFi Server firmware. I've been running into all kinds of problems with it disconnecting frequently. If I hit Reload in the browser it will typically come back, but sometimes it doesn't. I'm using Chrome Canary Version 61.0.3150.0 (latest) for my browser. I've restarted the printer several times, but sometimes it will fail to reconnect with the router and gives a timeout error. The disconnection problems for me became much worse with the 1.19beta8 WiFi Server update.

  • I've noticed it as well.

    Is there a command that will report the signal strength the printer is seeing?


  • So I found the issue….. Open up your router and delete the DHCP lease assignment then reboot the router, then re-add the DHCP assigned IP address via the new MAC address that was generated when upgrading to 1.19 and again reboot the router.

    I have had no disconnection issues since doing so 4 hours ago 🙂

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    Strange, the Duet WiFi shouldn't change its MAC address when changing from 1.18 to 1.19. OTOH the Duet Ethernet will.

  • Gotcha, i had the window in the baground while a print finished overnight. This morning it is still connected.

    Before doing the above fix if i sent the window to background for even a moment it would disconnect.

    Is there a difference in communication since DWC got moved to the SD that could have possibly created a conflict with something cached in the router?

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    Nothing I can think of.

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