PanelDueFirmware 3.2.0 final released

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    I am pleased to announce the final release of PanelDueFirmware 3.2.0. Following find the release notes:

    Version 3.2.0

    Upgrade Notes:

    • This release is compatible with RepRapFirmware 3.2-beta1 or later. It will partially work with RepRapFirmware 3.1.1 but not with any older version.
    • Flashing this release will reset the configuration to defaults


    • Due to the lack of RAM this build will not run on version 1 or early version 2 PanelDue boards that use the ATSAM3S2B chip.
      • Version 1.0, 1.1 and earlier v2 PanelDue: ATSAM3S2B processor (64MHz, 32kb RAM, 128kB flash) - these are the ones that the new firmware probably won't run on.
      • Version 2 PanelDue manufactured from August 2016: ATSAM3S4B processor (64MHz, 48kb RAM, 256kb flash). Will run the new firmware, but not as fast as version 3 will.
      • Version 3 PanelDue, including all 5i and 7i: ATSAM4S4B processor, 120MHz, 64kB RAM, 256kb flash. Will run the new firmware.
    • There will be no reliable status updates coming from RepRapFirmware while waiting for heaters to reach temperature (and some other cases) before RRF 3.2-beta3.

    New and changed features:

    • This release uses the RepRapFirmware ObjectModel instead of limited status responses
    • Support for spindles with current RPM as well as active RPM
    • Bed heater will only be shown if it is configured
    • Support for chamber heaters (will only show if bed heater + number of tools <= 6 on 5" and 7" or <= 4 on 4.3")
    • Tools and assigned heaters and extruders can be numbered arbitrarily (e.g. tool 1 can use heater 8 and extruder 2)
    • A simple screensaver has been added to help preventing screen burn-in on long-lasting prints
    • Tool buttons will reflect the tool status (only "Active" and anything else ("Standby" is displayed as "Off" because it is confusing otherwise)
    • Prevent flickering if values did not change

    Changes within the Release Candidate iterations

    • Status colors of tools were confusing (because a tool can never go to "off" after being active once) so it only shows "active" or "anything else"
    • Extrusion and retraction commands are now a single line to prevent being interleaved by other commands
    • Screensaver is now a popup to better interact with existing or incoming popups
    • No longer fetch detailed M409 for Fans or Sensors (as they are currently not required)
    • Only request null-flag for state request

    Bug fixes

    • Axes will be shown as they are configured, i.e. if configured axes are XYZA then PanelDue will display them like this instead of XYZU

    Bug Fixes within the Release Candidate itereations

    • In some cases setting a tool's heater would instead the heatbed temperature
    • Chamber and heatbed icons did not change colors according to their state
    • It was not possible to disable the chamber heater by tapping the chamber button
    • Move popup buttons were none-functional
    • Commands entered via on-screen-keyboard were not echoed into the text field
    • Screensaver timeout select pop-up would not disappear when clicking anything but "Set" or a tab button
    • Extrusion factor was not always targeting the correct extruder
    • Extrusion factor controls were not hidden if amount of tools was decreased
    • Bed and chamber controls were not hidden if they were removed from config
    • If a JSON key path was too long it would result in an endless fetch-loop
    • Message box was not closed on PanelDue if closed e.g. in DWC
    • Fix some fields not being hidden correctly (possible screensaver fix)

    Downloads and Instructions

    Binaries can be found at
    Flashing instructions can be found at

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    Known Issues

    • Babystep value is not set after initialization - this is fixed in source code already

  • I'm having trouble flashing 3.2.0 on Version 2 PanelDue with ATSAM3S4B processor.
    Latest firmware that works is 1.24.
    All I get is black screen after flashing 3.2.0. Just in case I've tryed RC1, but got same results.

    Not sure how to troubleshoot this. Please advise.


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    @worekarolis In Bossa can you check the device info such that it reports: processor (64MHz, 48kb RAM, 256kb flash)

    ATSAM3S4B based PanelDue v2 should work.

    You may want to try redownloading the 3.2 bin file and comparing the file size just in case it was corrupted on download or something.

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    I have now released v3.2.1. Please continue in this thread or open a new thread if you have issues.

    Since v3.2.1 is broken I reopened this thread.

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    I have now released PanelDueFirmware 3.2.2. Please continue in this thread.

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