ground pin next to stepper driver pins for sheilding

  • I don't know about everyone else here, but when using shielded cable for stepper motors, I end up with a rats nest of extensions and splices leading to ground. My wire shield conductive strand comes out of the wire jacket right next to the 4 stepper wires, and I believe this is common. It would be nice to have a 5pin header with the center/left/right pin being ground for this purpose. Could possibly be confusing but also would help quite a bit with wire tidiness, especially for retrofits etc. The pin could also be separate from the stepper header in order to avoid confusion. Could also be just a through hole in which one could solder in a pin.
    Obviously a request for the far future maybe duet 4 etc.
    If someone has a really good solution going for this issue that is clean and honors the existing hardware, please let me know.

  • From memory I think when using shielded wires a metal enclosure is intended, and to terminate the shield at he enclosure in a 5-pin connector, running unshielded wires inside the enclosure.

    however why there is a ground lug for the ethernet is another matter all togheter.

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