all fans turn off when turing on the nozzle heater

  • allmost everything is working fine on my new build printer, but when i turn on my nozzle heater to 160 degrees all fans turn off.
    i have 2 fans configured to be always on with the always on fan headers, one for the hemera cooling and one for the duet 2 cooling. the other fan is on the PWM output for part cooling. when i turn on my heater in the web layout all three of them turn off , and i cant turn them on again until i turn my heater back of. is this a software fault or something wrong in my hardware?

  • post your config

  • config.g

    this is my config.g file. i have atm no fans on thermal control

  • there is something defiantly wrong with your hardware. always on fans are not controllable.

    i think you have a more than one short in your system.

  • wrong wiring indeed, switcht the + and - around on the heater cardridge, everything working is fine now.

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