Very strange SD card problem

  • Had a strange thing happen today a small print stopped half way through print. It appeared that a data error / could not read from card happened. OK, no big deal this is a very old card and as printed thousands of prints. I was just thinking it was on its way out! I had all my up to date files saved on my computer so I made a new one with my saved files. The problem is all the files do transfer ok, however, don't seem to be working? Although it looks like everything is on the SD card OK I cannot connect, home the printer, read SD card or much of anything else? Even my printer name will only come up on the display as My Duet? The config.g is clearly on the card when I open it up on the computer? If I put my old card in I can get connected, home, print, and everything??

    Any ideas greatly welcome!
    Thanks in advance!


  • I have tried three different SD cards with the same failure? None of my new cards will work? All the new cards are all 4GB SanDisk class 4. Everything seems to go as normal and opening the files shows the data, I have no idea why they will not work? The new cards still will not let me connect to web control, or read the card and all show My Duet at the top of the display instead of my printer name?

    Thanks for the help!


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    That does sound strange. I suggest you connect via USB, or via DWC using the old card and then swap cards. Send M21 to remount the card, and see what it returns. Also send M122 and see whether it reports the SD card is detected and what the interface speed is.

    You could try reformatting one of the cards, although that isn't usually necessary.

  • Hi David, Thanks for the reply! My fourth brand new card is working like a champ!! Why-why-why I ask myself??? It makes absolutely no sense to me. Any ideas what is going on?

    Have a great day Buddy!


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