• I'm having some issues with my latest computer since I set it up... some I figured how to live with, some were haunting me big time last few months so I decided to find out what the problem is till I found the solution...

    some of the issues that would hit some of the 3d printing users are

    • idemaker/prusaslicer/slic3r/s3d will not start on non-primary monitor
    • rhino and some other 3d modeling tools will not start on non-primary monitor

    apart from that, some other non-related tools will have rpoblems like dxo-photolab etc etc.. buttons will go haywire... e.g.

    I found the reason finally with the help of DXO forum members and it is NAHIMIC service. The POS does not play nice with nvidia drivers and many consider it a malware. Disabling nahimic service solved all the graphics issues I had on my computer. Disabling nahimic service will make only "sonic studio 3 and sonic radar" inoperable, both apps totally useless so nothing lost there, it's supposed to help you game easier with headphones by overlaying some image of where the sound comes from but instead craps your whole gl system 😞


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