• Hi. After solving a stuttering issue (the solution was moving from 256 microstepping to 16), by doing this the prints now are showing a constant ringing/ghosting, it wasn't present while using 256 microstepping
    So Im looking deeper on accelerations settings.
    Reading about the TMC5160, I see it uses a S - curve acceleration type, but I have also read in the forum about other types of accelerations, like quadratic? is that OK or I misunderstood something?
    How do I configure that, I have not been able to find about that in the gcode command of RRF.
    Im using a duet3 board.
    Thanks in advance

  • can you post prints to show the difference?

  • Sure
    This one is the print after switching from 256 to 16 micro-stepping (interpolation was active in both configs)


    This is the same gcode print and the same area before the switch:


    and this picture shows both prints together.


    The material es white so it is somehow difficult to show the surface, but I guess it is pretty clear there is ringing on the right print.

    I ve been looking into this all day and I have a vague idea. Reading other posts here, I read that getting the extruder microstepping to something that gives me 2000 steps or more would produce better prints. I cant find the post again! but was something like that. Right now my extruder steps are 827.22,
    Since the ghosting is really periodic and constant, could this be an extruder related issue?
    Thanks in advance

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    I hadn't seen this thread before replying to your other one. As we discussed there though, I wouldn't say you have ringing.

    The other thread is here for anyone looking:

    Let's try to confine it to there since there is much relevant information there.

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