PanelDue 7i stops responding!

  • I have PanelDue 7i connected to Duet 2 wifi board on my 3D printer. Everything is working fine, but when I start a print that will take one day or so, PanelDue stops responding after an hour or so and it doesn't even refresh the nozzle and bed temperature. I can still navigate through the tabs and pages on PanelDue.
    I believe the communication between the board and Paneldue has been lost while 3d printing is still going fine. Even DWC does not respond at that time.
    I'm wondering what is the issue here.

  • Moderator

    Please post the results of M122 so we can see some hardware and firmware version information.

    What version of DWC is installed?

    What firmware version is on the Paneldue?

    How is the PanelDue connected to the Duet?

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