Cable for Duet 3 expansion board (3HC)

  • I'm trying to connect the Duet3 board to an 3HC but I think I don't have the correct cable.
    The 3HC is blinking faster than the 6HC board which means they are not sync.

    From the documentation "The CAN BUS is connected via RJ11 and at least 2 core twisted pair, although 6 core RJ11 is more common."

    I'm using an old RJ11 cable that was connected to my ADSL modem - see picturecable2.jpg

    I think mine is a straight cable 🙄


  • its not. see how the colors of the cable dont match?
    for a straight cable they need to be the same

  • So if I understand correctly the Green and Red are the 2 wires that should be twisted, the other wires are not used.

  • @EricN

  • administrators

    For modems, the polarity doesn't normally matter. So some ADSL cables are straight through, others (typically the ones with the cable flat on one side and rounded on the other) are twisted.

    The high-speed ADSL cables that I buy from Kenable are straight-through.

  • Thank you everyone, now I know what I need to get!

    Next challenge find a seller in Canada that deliver to PO box 😲

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