Simple power-off solution for duet

  • In my HEVO I have SSR installed and one works well but in my converted Artillery Genius I didn't wanted to mess with wires so I decided to use simple remote switch with small script to automatically turn off printer when temperature is below treshold.

    I used Sonoff S26 switch with tasmota installed.

    Then on raspebbery pi I have python script executed every 5 minutes by cron.

    Script is here
    There is no config file to make this simple. Everything is in one script.

    Conditions to disable printer are:

    • active temperature set to -1
    • printer is idle
    • current temperature for heater with -1 is below 45 deg

    To "install" run
    crontab -e

    and add line
    5 * * * * /usr/bin/python3 /home/pi/

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