Auto G-code tool (axis lengths) firware update for Cartesian printer.

  • I'm on my 9th prototype printer. I"m constantly making changes to things , (Extruders, gantry's, pulleys, etc) every time I make a change I have to go in and extend my software axis limits so that I can sit there on each one microstep till it gets to the actual limit and make sure its not gonna crash into something like an extruder, fan, thermister, etc.

    If I could physically move the axis where I want the soft limit to be the send a (Learn HOME ALL command) kept track of how far it moved and then either printed out in the G code console how far it moved or actually update the firmware. This would save me hours upon hours dialing in my axis dimension.

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    To understand what you are asking. If you start with a particular axis (let's say X) at the "X0" position, with the Y and Z axis in a safe position (move it there gently with the electronics off) then send G92 X0 Y0 Z0 so the printer knows it's homed. Then Jog the axis (using the buttons in the web interface or on the PanelDue) it is at its highest safe point. You can then see what that position is and enter it into the config.g as your maximum.

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    You can already do something similar in firmware 1.19beta8 and beta9. Place the head at the farthest safe point away from the homing switch and use G92 to define that position, for example G92 X0 if it is the X axis. Then use a G1 command modified with the S3 parameter to command it towards the homing switch and beyond, e.g. G1 S3 X-400 if the homing switch is at the low end of the axis. It will stop at the homing switch, but instead of setting the X position to the value defined by M208, it does the reverse. So you can run M208 to read out that value, and hence determine the axis length.

  • Kind of t3p3
    more like dc42 but a little bit more
    Move all three axis to their furthest point away from endstop switch.
    Now run SPECIAL GCODE (Gtardis) and it will measure or count till it hits and endstop. not only that but take those settings and put them into the printer dimensions settings.

  • Is there a way to do exactly what you said but for all three axis and all at once and the it auto updates your configuration file. Or would that be a lot of programming. I guess this isn't really a much desired question because not many people change parts on their printer on a daily basis.

    My printer is printing absolutely awesome though right now. My next questing is to use a filament thickness sensor that updates your filament thickness live while its printing.

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