Discard first n Z-probe measurements for each calibration point?

  • As David mentions in the sample bed.g listing on https://duet3d.com/wiki/Configuring_RepRapFirmware_for_a_Delta_printer, you sometimes want to do a dummy probe "because the mechanical probe gives inaccurate results the first time it is used after deployment". While my nozzle-touch Z probe is basically always deployed, the first 2 measurements at a every calibration point are not as accurate or repeatable as the 3+ probes afterward.

    Is it possible to probe each point 3 times and only use the 3rd measurement? Even better would be the ability to discard the first "n" probes, then use the average of "m" additional probes as the height at that point.

    How much of that can I do today? Running 1.19beta8

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    You can probe each point 3 times and use just the last result by repeating each of the G30 commands 3 times in total. Whenever you probe with G30 with a particular P parameter (point number), it overwrites any previous reading with the same point number.

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