PanelDuo v3.0a issue

  • Can't upload image of board version, so will have to take my word for it
    Was looking to upgrade the firmware in my PanelDuo. I disconnected it from my DuetWifi v2 and connected it via USB to my PC. Screen powered up and everything looked OK. I pressed the erase button and the screen went blank, thought that only happened with v2 screens, then I pressed the reset button.

    Neither my PC nor laptop (both Win 10 - 20H2) detect the screen when connected. I can run Bossa on my laptop but not my PC, it just crashes.

    How do I go about reprogramming my PanelDuo? :![alt text](image url)(

  • try a different cable. some usb cables are charge only

  • Freaking out and should have thought about that - thanks 🙂 will give that a go

    I had tried 3 other cables before posting, obviously all of them are charge only 😞

    Found a full cable and now my laptop sees the PanelDuo - TG!!!!!!!

    Appreciate the quick assist Veti 🙂

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