New Duet WiFi Connection Problems

  • I built my D300VS last week with the Duet WiFi. Everything initially had been working amazingly. After a couple of days I seem to be having some issues with the Duet WiFi board.

    After a couple of days I started to see problems which have escalated:

    • A print froze. The Duet controller became inaccessible via the web interface. A power cycle seemed to fix the issue.

    • Uploading gcode files suddenly slowed down and failed often. A 3MB file would take several minutes to upload, failing 2/3 attempts.

    • The web interface would start showing errors receiving data and require a refresh

    • A during a long print the web interface became completely inaccessible though the print did complete.

    • And finally today when I started a print the stepper motors started twitching in the Home function. I tried to login to the web interface and it was inaccessible. I power cycled and the web interface is still inaccessible.

    Has anyone seen these issues before? I'm wondering if I should try to reload the software on the Duet.

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