Auto calibration and Mesh Bed Leveling Issues with Diamond HE Tools…

  • This has been driving me nuts now for a few weeks and I think I accidentally discovered the source of the problem. In short, auto-calibration and bed leveling are behaving differently depending on the tool I have selected for the object in Slicer-Prusa Edition. All extruders (tools) are defined identically in Slicer. I'm using a diamond hot end with four tools defined, one for each of the filaments by themselves and one for an equal mix of all three. I discovered by accident that when I let Slicer use the "default" tool, auto-calibration and mesh bed leveling actually work. I change nothing else, regenerate the gcode after selecting Tool 4 (my mixed setting) instead of "default" and the auto calibration and mesh bed compensation appears to fly out the window and I have high and low spots around the bed creating all kinds of havoc. Has anyone else seen this? I happened to spot it by accident because I was forgetting off and on to set the tool for the object in Slicer. I'm running 1.19beta9.


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