Duet2 vs Duet3 Brute processing for laser engraving.

  • Revisiting this topic after my GRBL-LPC laser setup is beginning to act up.

    I have a custom laser cutter and engraving setup dedicated to processing long tubes and rods. Using a custom g-code software we continuously along the length of the cylinder like a lathe. No back and forth x movement like traditional raster operation.


    Does reprap firmware support a rotary A axis steps/deg? Our code ends up generating a ton of rotary moves with the A axis ending up in the hundreds of thousands of degrees.

    Would the extra processing power of the Duet3 vs Duet2 translate to faster engraving speed? Or are there other potential bottlenecks to consider?

    Is there a way to wire external steppers to the Duet3 without the official expansion board which I cannot seem to source currently?

    Re: Duet boards and laser engraving speeds.

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    RepRapFirmware does support rotary axes. The support for them has been improved in the recently-released RRF 3.2beta3.

    Duet 3 and Duet 3 Mini have more memory available, so are the better choice for more complex machines.

    The external driver board is available direct from Duet3D on request, by sending an email to info at duet3d dot com.

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