Filament Enclosure Heater

  • Hi all,

    Just setting up a new printer, loosely based on the HEOVRT and I would like to include a heater in my filament enclosure. I already have a heater in the print enclosure.

    Is there a way to get the filament enclosure heater controlled by the Duet board? I'm running Duet2 + X5

    Can't seem to find anyone thats done this but maybe I'm searching the wrong thing? Any tips!?


  • @dm86 why do you want to heat your filament before it reaches the hotend?

  • To keep it dry.

  • @dm86 I'm embarking on a side project to do just this .. but it will be controlled by a standalone RPi.. Once completed, I'll be releasing it open source and will post about it here.

  • Thanks @oozeBot, would be interested to see.

    I use one of these at the moment and they are great value and do the job just fine.


    However I'm an idiot and have fallen foul of user error a few times. Either leaving it on for no reason for ages, or leaving it set for Nylon and ruining a roll of PLA 🙄 So would like to find a better way to do it if I can.

  • I have my filament in the print chamber which is well enough sealed so it helps keep the filament dry, and the chamber heater is standalone from the duet and controlled on its own, it is linked to a temp/humidity sensor in the chamber which is set to trigger the chamber heater if humidity rises above a certain threshold.

    Simple, uncomplicated and just works

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