UNSOLVED Getting equal adhesion on initial layers w/ BL Touch...

  • We have a Modix Big 60 printer and their customer support is less than stellar particularly their response time. I haven't found a community/forum for support, but since their machine uses the Duet WiFi board i know of this place and i've already gotten great support here with some issues we had with the Duet.

    Anyways, it's a massive bed and the machine uses a BLtouch. However, if i print a single part that takes up the size of the platform, i find that the nozzle will be perfect in some spots, too far away in some and crashing into the build surface in others.

    When i run the mesh, the overall variability is typically .5-.8mm which is well within what they spec for being "ok" to build. I don't have any sharp spikes anywhere in the heightmap that jumps out as a concern.

    Initially i thought there might be a transition to quickly from one probe point to another that the machine couldn't compensate quickly enough while building, but i don't think that's the issue.

    Any ideas where i can start troubleshooting or providing details so you guys can help?!

  • post your config.

    check that the configured offset for the probe is correct in both distance and direction.

    its possible that the probe has a different z offset because of rotation of the carriage, especially large printers.

    can you also post a picture of the mesh bed?

  • Where is the probe physically mounted in relation to the nozzles and carriage?

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