Duet2 Wifi PSU

  • Hi,

    I'm thinking about replacing my PSU since it's just to big for my likings and the fan is way to loud on it.

    But since I'm not a huge expert in electrical stuff I tought I just ask here for some help.
    I'm thinking of buying a 24V 15A power supply, will this be enough?

    Duet2 Wifi
    About 4 fans (1 Duet Wifi cooler, PSU fan, E3D v6 cooling fan and a part cooling fan)
    5 E3D stepper motors (Compact But Powerful motor ,

    • Step Angle: 0.9°
    • Rated Current: 1.68A
    • Body length: 40mm
    • Faceplate: NEMA 17
    • Motor cable length: 1m)

    Original E3D V6

    220*220mm 24V Magnetic Heated bed
    (According to the seller it's a 120W Heated Bed)

  • I run a similar config but with a 400W 24V bed, and a MeanWell 500W PSU without issue.
    You just have to heat up the bed before all others actions.

    So I think it's enough IF you buy a good PSU, and not a noname.

  • @R3play
    that looks fine

    here is a guide on how to calculate it.

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