Duet 3 6HC NeoPixel RGBW

  • Hi there,

    Installed RGBW NeoPixel strip on a 6HC before realizing that RGBW support isn't available yet.

    They work -- in a way. M150 lights them up in alternating colors from LED to LED and without RGB support. Light intensity works fine.

    Is there any kind of hacky way I can get the dotstar/neopixel header working for this? I hadn't realized that only RGB support seems to be in place.

    Worst case I can move it to my SBC -- but i'd love to be able to use the M150 gcode without deferring it to the SBC.


  • Just to update : addressing seems to sort of work, intensity adjustment works fine -- the RGB values are just all over the place.

    Set all to R255, , LEDs are red/green/blue alternating down the line.

    However, they start and stop at the right points along the strip, so addressing is there halfway.

  • administrators

    Adding RGBW support is on the firmware wishlist. It doesn't look hard so I will probably do it quite soon, perhaps in time for the 3.2 release depending on how soon that is.

  • @dc42 That's fantastic.

    Thanks so much for your hard work.

    I'll keep the RGBWs in just in case the initial release of the RGBW stuff happens sometime soon.

    Thanks again.

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