Upload GCODE to RRF(Standalone) in KISSlicer

  • I like the ability to upload .gcode files within a slicer. Most slicers have the feature built in.
    KISS does not. But with only some lines of code it is possible. But its no working with the DSF (SBC)

    You will need

    Here is my workflow. I show it on my windows based machine but it will work on linux too. It could be not best practice but it works

    On my PC iยดve got a folder names .gcodes where i save all my sliced files
    Extract here the rfm or rfm.exe file from @wilriker
    will look something like this

    Then open the command line or terminal in this folder and "register" your printer.

    type in

    for Windows

    rfm ls -device <Name of your Printer> -domain <IP or domain> -port <Port>

    for Linux

    ./rfm ls -device <Name of your Printer> -domain <IP or domain> -port <Port>

    in my case

    rfm ls -device Q5 -domain  -port 80

    you can test the connection by typing in

    rfm ls -device Q5

    This should output something like this

    C:\Users\PCR\Desktop\gcodes>rfm ls -device Q5
    total     427548
    [d]              -      2020-10-25T17:55:50     filaments
    [d]              -      2020-10-24T18:09:22     gcodes
    [d]              -      2020-10-25T17:55:44     macros
    [d]              -      2020-09-26T11:14:36     sys
    [d]              -      2020-10-24T16:06:32     www
    [f]         427548      2020-10-22T21:15:46     FIRMWARE.CUR

    Then go into the KISSlicer Setting under Printer/Firmware


    There you should add this command to the Post-Process field


    "C:\Users\PCR\Desktop\gcodes\rfm.exe" upload -device Q5 <FILE> 0:/gcodes


    ./rfm upload -device Q5 <FILE> 0:/gcodes


    now everytime you save the file in the folder where rfm.exe is located the file will be uploaded to your printer.

    It will look like KISSlicer is "breaking" but this is only during the upload ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Feel Free to ask.

  • how is this simpler or better than using curl and a 2 line script?

    KISS PostProcessor command


    script contains

    curl -k -# -F "select=false" -F "print=false" -F file=@%1 -X POST http://192.168.X.Y/rr_upload?name=gcodes/%~nx1
    curl "http://192.168.X.Y/rr_disconnect

    RRF does not like spaces or punctualtion in filenames. I have not used DOS batch scripts on a long time, so the variable as filenames is touchy.

    I REALLY wish Lonesock gets stuff together and gets 2.0 done soon.

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