What is the status or roadmap for set variable

  • Hi,
    i saw on, the meta command wiki that variable declaration and set are not implemented yet.
    do you have a status about these features or any sort of roadmap about it as i think about a lot of features i could use them for some macros.

    and another question about that: the variable that we name global.toto do they live across different gcode or not ?

    i'm asking because i could have a macro that store a first position then i move to the second position and launche the second macro that will store the second position and will perform a toolpath (for cnc) between those 2 coordinates to surface the material.



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    @psychotik2k3 Not before version 3.3 but in the meantime you can already use slots to store positions and to restore them. See G60 and G1 R. If you need to use stored positions with other codes, you can access them via the object model as well. They're exposed by state.restorePoints[].coords[].

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