Can't get to DWC page

  • Hi Hope someone can help me on here. I had my computer hacked and wiped. I managed to get all my files back but I lost all my settings on my CNC. I have been trying to set them back up but i can't seem to view the DWC when i type in my IP address in Google Chrome. I have followed all instructions on Ooznest and similar post on here but still can't get it to work including deleting the files on my SD card and uploading the firmware again but it all gets very complicated. Can someone help please?

  • That all sorts of doesn't make sense, but let's break it down.

    When you say "type my IP address" is that the same address you get when you send M552 to the board over the USB serial console?
    (ref steps 1 through 6 in the getting connected guide )

    What is the error you get? For a HTTP 404 not found error, refer to the DWC installation guide.

    It might help to refer to the SD card guide to see if your SD card has the right files in the right places. Just don't use the Download "" link, only refer to the structure.

  • He's all sorted now

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