SD card corrupted.

  • 3D printer was humming along nicely, until it wasn't. Homing just jammed the extruder to the mechanical end and after a powercycle there was no Wifi connection. Happened at the worst possible moment of course.

    Fished the board out, connected USB:

    SD card (the one that came with the Duet) seems corrupted indeed:

    alt text

    Not a really big deal; I had a backup, and witht he backup on another card the printer seems to work again.

    But quite a nuisance nonetheless. Any special reasons why the SD might have been corrupted? Duet is powered by a constant +5V, Vin is switched, so sudden power loss should not be an issue.

  • How old was it? All flash do wear out in the end.

  • The Duet is in use for about a year or so, I had it on the shelf a little longer. Not that many writes to the card though; printer is running for 25 hours a week or so average, but many prints are repeats.

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    Do you have M929 logging enabled? That causes additional writes to the SD card.

  • I had M929 enabled during bringup of the printer, say 3-4 weeks. Not anymore. So not many writes should occur to the card, <100MB/month.

    Just a case of shorter-than-average lifetime of the card then, no special reason?

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