Send eMail message on events.

  • Has anyone looked into what it would take to send an eMail message when "events" take place?

    Like print completed, or pause due to filament outage.

  • what board / firmware are you targeting?

    in any event you'll need an external host to talk to the duet and react to whatever state you want.

  • @bearer I've got a duet2 with fairly old firmware.

    I'm working on getting a setup so I can build new firmware from the repository so I would plan on having the Duet make the SMTP connection and send the message itself.

    I was just wondering if anyone here was thinking the same thing.

  • if you have a non secure smtp server you might be able to modify both the wifi firmware and the reprap firmware to send emails, but if you need ssl it probably won't fly.

  • @bearer I've got Ethernet, so there's no WiFi, but good thoughts on the SSL part.

    I'll have to look into my Godaddy SMTP server.

    However, WolfSSL is VERY small and depending on everything might fit.

  • Any reason why the SBC couldn't watch the logs, and send email based on what it sees, for example, paused print, completed print, or heater fault? I would send the messages to my cell phone as a text (each cell phone number has an associated email address to be received as an SMS).
    After my current projects/coming holiday, I am considering playing with an MQTT server to see if I could read the logs over the network via FTP on my Duet2, but with the Duet3 and SBC, this seems like a much more plausible feature now as I could run MQTT client right from the SBC.

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