How to delete wifi network to rename printer?

  • There's several duet wifi printers at work all setup as the default name. duetwifi.local and every time I turn off my printer it will reassign an IP and I have to connect usb to figure out the address. At home I set it up as jeff.local and it works great, but I cant seem to figure out how to rename it at work. I'm running the current stable releases.

    I found m588 command, and then realized that is for 1.19beta. How can I configure my printers name so I can access it easier? I want to change it from duetwifi.local to jeff.local.

    Thanks in advance!

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    With firmware 1.18 and earlier, the 'duetwifi' bit of duetwifi.local is configured when the Duet is running in access point mode. It is the additional field that you can fill in after selecting the network you want to connect to and entering the password.

  • Thanks for the reply. I'm aware of that now, but when I initially setup this duet I didn't know. Now I would like to change it so I don't have to plug in usb to find the ip address every time I turn off the power. Can I change the name in 1.18 or do I have to wait for 1.19?

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    In 1.18 you would have to temporarily turn off WiFi on your router, or move the Duet, so that when you power up the Duet it can't find the router. Then it will go into access point mode again.

  • Thanks. I will give it a try!

  • might try adding mac address to you host table and or a dns entry, mac wont change (unless you flash the firmware apparently) and should give you translation no matter the dhcp address assigned. access via netname and let dns do the work. hope that helps

    Dave, i saw the thread about firmware changing the mac a few days ago, do all the duet boards have the same mac by default? this would be unusual as i understand networking but might be unique to this application. If so, my recommendation won't work unless you assign unique macs for each board.

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    Duet WiFi boards have unique MAC addresses. Duet Ethernet boards used to use the same default MAC address (along with Duet 0.6 and 0.8.5 boards), but in 1.19 series firmware the Duet Ethernet MAC address is derived from the unique MCU ID. So two or more Duet Ethernet boards will almost certainly have different MAC addresses when using 1.19 series firmware.

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