CNC Spindle RPM Feedback

  • I've just gotten my CNC machine and it looks like the Duet 3 6HC is going to work well for it.
    Looking at the code, it looks like CNC support is in active development which is great.

    However the key missing part I've noticed is lack of spindle speed feedback.
    Having the feedback means it could be displayed on screen, the CNC can dwell until it's up to speed and so on.

    Looking through the code I realised that there's already tachometer support sitting in the code - there's full tach support for fans. I believe many VFD's output a similar one pulse per revolution signal as fans (mine does).

    I'm wondering if the functionality for fans can be copied over to the spindle code to allow for spindle speed read out and then adding the extra functionality like dwell and adding UI elements shouldn't be too difficult.

    Is this just on the todo list or is there a specific reason this wouldn't be feasible?

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