7.5 Amp fuse blown?

  • I recently installed a duet 2 wifi and smart effector onto a seemecnc rostock max V2 and am having some trouble. I had miss wired the 6-pin molex connector and overloaded the 1A fuse.

    I have since rewired them correctly and replaced the 1A fuse with a 2A but now I'm having other problems. It appears as though my power supply isn't providing sufficient power to the board for anything to turn on properly. For instance, the wifi module will only turn on when I have the microusb in use connected to my pc. The always on fan that had stopped working before I replaced the fuse are now working when the power supply is turned on, but nothing else appears to be.

    Did I also blow the 7.5A fuse somehow? It was working properly yesterday and I haven't turned on the power supply or plugged in my pc to the board until replacing the fuse today.

  • It's possible, as USB would be supplying 5V power separately. Or U3 (5V buck converter) is damaged.

    You can check the fuse quite easily if you have a multimeter, simply by checking resistance or continuity across it (remove it from the holder first). If it's blown you will not get a reading. If it's good you will get 0 ohms or close to it.

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    Do you see any scorched components on the board? U3 in particular?

  • Status of LEDs?

  • I did not see anything and ended up replacing the fuse. All seems to be working in order now.

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