How to trigger low-power automatic pause and save.

  • As far as I concerned, duet monitor its input voltage, and if it fails blow a defined threshold (with the M911 gcode) it will save the current print position, and execute a gcode trying to save the print.

    Is there any way to trigger this functionality via an external pin, just like prusa does? Yes, i know that prusa boards shut the heater via hardware when this signal is triggered, but even without that functionality, an external power detection board should be much quicker to detect the power loss than the duet.

    But here is the problem. I know i can trigger macros with inputs, but what gcode should I use? The normal pause wouldn't do since it will execute all the commands in the buffer, and then the sys/pause.g and most probably power will be lost long before those movements complete (probably even before the command buffer is flushed).


  • I did it!

    You just have to send a M911 with an absurd voltage way over your current vin, and the auto-pause will trigger right away.

    So instead of having the M911 in confg.g, you put the full command in your trigger file and you are all set.

    Just remember y your duet doesn't power cycle, you will need to send an m911 with more beliable values, but if your duet really did lose power, when you power up the duet again it will have the power-pause disabled.

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