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    is it possible to control a water pump with the fan control and especially with the virtual stuff introduced with 1.19? I am going to cool two E3Dv6 compatible custom coldends which perfectly fit B20 jacket with a water pump + radiator and would like to use the thermostatically stuff to switch it on and off. If its not possible I'm fine with having the pump always on.

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    Yes it's possible. Make sure that the running current of the pump is no more than 1.5A, and if your Duet WiFi board is not PCB revision 1.02 or you are using an older Duet, connect a flyback diode in parallel with the pump motor.

  • Thanks for your reply. Most pumps have four wires, I guess two are 12V DC +/- and the other two are PWM? I won't use this but just for an example: https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-xtop-revo-d5-pwm-incl-sleeved-pump

    Is it okay to connect 12V DC to the PSU (I have a 50W 12V DC/DC Step-Down PSU from MeanWell) and then two other wires to the Fan header then?

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    The listing for that pump says that it has 4 wires for 12V power (presumably 2 sets wired in parallel), and a 4-wire signal cable for PWM. My guess is that it needs a 5V or open-drain PWM drive that meets the Intel PWM fan specification. You can use a diode between the FAN- output and the PWM input (cathode to fan output) to simulate that and power the pump directly from 12V. The PWM will be inverted.

  • Thanks again. Bad example, here you can see better that there are only four wires: https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-d5-pwm-g2-motor-12v-dc-pwm-pump-motor (use the image zoom on the first procuct picture). It looks like red/black is 12V DC and the blue/green are PWM.

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    As it is designed for use with a PC motherboard, the blue and green will be a tacho output and a 5V PWM input.

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    I do not have much experience in this but I think you should choose larger wires to ensure there is no short-circuiting

  • Did you get Rene's watercoolv6 coldend, or perhaps his entire hotend?

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