• I got more than 20 fdm ,so i need use differnt name to administration this ,however {m550 p"name"} cant named now.
    It tell me(Machine name must consist of the same letters and digits as configured by the Linux hostname)
    So ,i try to change name of duet pi(sudo nano /etc/hosts, name),but it will make the webcontrl out line.
    Can any master teacher me,orz.

  • @huai3895

    you should name them on the dhcp server.
    assign static leases with specific hostnames to the mac address of each printer.

  • @Veti I have try this already ,still easy to make error operation cause i cant distinguish at a glance

  • edit /etc/hostname and reboot; or run sudo raspi-config choose (2) Network Options then Hostname

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  • @bearer thanks it work nice

  • @huai3895 said in HOW TO CHANGE NAME IN DUET3&DUET PI:

    thanks it work nice

    thats exactly what a static dhcp lease does as well

  • @Veti Mabe i am a noob ,i didt understand how to concrete operations


    thats exactly what a static dhcp lease does as well

    not necessarily; while the dhcp server can send a hostname back to the client, its still up to the client to actually configure the system to use it, which doesn't seem to be default behaviour on debian (and derivatives like duetpi).

    edit: If the hostname is currently blank, (null) or localhost, or
    force_hostname is YES or TRUE or 1 then dhcpcd sets the hostname to the one supplied by the
    DHCP server.

    so because the hostname is set to duet3, dhcpcd ignores what the server is sending.

    while most modern consumer routers will put the hostname into their dns service it doesn't actually change the hostname for the dhcp client. for other clients it will resolve, but not locally on the client in question without modifying the setup to honour the dhcp option received (the dhcp hooks seems to have changed since the move to dhcpcd)

    edit: new hooks are /etc/dhcpcd.enter-hook and /etc/dhcpcd.exit-hook, putting hostname $new_host_name in the enter-hook gives you a server enforced hostname and the router resolves it. could echo it to /etc/hosts for good measure i guess.

    Reset hostname to localhost to let dhcp control hostname seems to be the clean solution.

  • @bearer said in HOW TO CHANGE NAME IN DUET3&DUET PI:


    ah the nice think about each linux distribution to do things differently

  • come to think of it, the current behaviour might be best as not all users can control the hostname sent from the router and if its not duet3 as the default for the config tool it would break, worst case scenario preventing parsing the rest of the config and bringing up the network.

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