Unable to connect to wifi

  • I'm having a problem getting my DuetWifi board to connect to my wireless network. It seems no matter what I try, it just keeps coming up in AP mode. I'm 100% sure I'm selecting the proper SSID and entering the correct password. I have re-read the Getting_connected page on the wiki about 5 times thinking I must have missed something. I've been messing with it for hours and need to take a break, but will try with a different router later. Anyone have any suggestions? Is there a way to get more diagnostic info from the board?

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    Does your network password contain any characters outside the 7 bit ASCII character set? I think someone had a problem with a password containing an accented character once before.

  • I've got my board scanning and scanning and I can't even find an open network. let alone one with a simple password.

  • Seems the board does not accept wifi passwords if they have a + in them. Confirmed this with another router, tested various password lengths and combinations of alphanumeric and non-alphanumeric characters, everything works fine until you try to use a password with a plus in it. Unfortunately my board will remain on the shelf until this is fixed.

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