When activating hotend heaters duet shuts off then turns back on

  • When hotend heaters get enabled the duet restarts itself. All motion steppers works fine, runs fine. Bed is on a SSR with its own power source. This printer has been running untouched for over a year. (Very meticulously wired with proper sleeving, shrink, and crimp terminals where appropriate.)

    Might be worth noting it is running a Duex5 Expansion, which has also been running in combination unchanged over the last year.

    I didn't have much time and just assumed it was the power supply (MeanWell 24v) and replaced it with another meanwell (same spec) Not it.

    As stated it has run untouched for over a year, now this out of the blue.

    All connections are unchanged, look okay on visual inspection.


    • Issue with something hotend related..... Swapped hotend assemblies and its fine.

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    Short to the metal work?

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