Out vs io.out

  • Juste wandering...

    I have the blTouch on IO_7 and a fan on OUT7.
    Is it normal that when I deploy the probe it starts the fan ?


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    No, that's not normal. IO7.out is completely separate from OUT7.

  • @dc42 Ok I found what is appening.

    The problem is not between IO_7.out and OUT7.
    But between IO_7.out and OUT4.

    In OUT4 I have a LED strip, with I declare like that on pin 0.

    M950 P0 C"out4" Q500  

    And my blTouche is declared like taht on servo 0.

    M950 S0 C"io5.out"

    The real problem ( if we say there is one) is between servo and pin when they have the same ID. In my case servo 0 and pin 0.

    Of course I solved this changing my pin's ID.


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    Thanks for clarifying that. I have update the documentation for M950 to clarify that servo pins are just GPIO pins with a different default PWM frequency. I will mark this as solved.

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