[3.2-beta-3.2] Listboxes for temperatures are not shown

  • I upgraded from 3.1.1 to 3.2-beta-3.2, in DWC I no longer get listboxes to show with my presets temps.
    The funny thing is that the arrow changes from downwards to upwards position but nothing else happens.
    I can manually type in a temperature

    This on a Duet 2 Wifi, DWC version: 3.2-beta3

    FYI, Reverting DWC back to 3.1.1 solves this issue.
    Doing so loses all my settings 😞


    I found the culprit, when you disable autocompletion in the settings, you lose the temperature listboxes.
    I get the same behavior in 3.1.1 so I guess this is nothing new...
    @chrishamm , is this the normal behavior?

  • administrators

    Yes, that is expected. The preset temps etc. are autocomplete items, so they're gone once you disable auto completion.

  • Hi @Chrishamm, thanks for confirming this, so I guessed right then 🙂
    To me it was not intuitive as I would never expect users to manually type in temps (a typo could have major consequences!)
    Anyway marking this as solved.

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