UNSOLVED Pause Script on ToolChanger

  • Hi! I have a question regarding my ToolChanger, which has a Duet 2 WiFi and is running RRF 2 (I’m upgrading to RRF 3 soon). I don’t even remotely trust it to run unattended or overnight, so I’m looking into creating a macro or something that pauses it and sets the hot end temps to 0 so the filament doesn’t burn, but then automatically sets them back to the temp they were when I had paused it. I know M105 can give the current tool temps, but that’s as far as I can find. Thank you!

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    You mean like pause.g and resume.g that get called when pushing the pause button?

    If you use G10 to set the active and standby temps you could simply deselect the tools in your pause and they would go to standby and then make them active again in resume and they would go back to temp.

    Or am I missing something about your use case?

    I'd say it's time to move to RRF 3.1.1 for sure.



  • @Phaedrux My goal is to have a resume.g that automatically sets the temperature back to what it was before it was set to 0, no matter what the tool was set to beforehand. Like if all the tools are set to 220, they all resume to 220, but if T0 is 220, T1 is 240, T2 is 260, and T3 is 285, they all resume to their appropriate temperatures.

  • @Phaedrux do you have any ideas for how I could do something like that?

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    @Brad-R-3D I thought I already gave you the ideas on how it would work. Does using G10 to set the active and standby temps not work?

    G10 P0 S220 R50 ; set tool 0 active temp to 220 and standby to 50
    T0 ; select tool 0 and make it active
    M116 : wait for active temp to be reached
    <pause print> ; pause.g contains your commands
    T-1 ; deselect tools making them go to standby temps
    <resume print> ; resume.g contains your commands
    T R1 ; reselect the previously used tool and make it active
    M116 ; wait for active temps to be reached
    < print continues >

    Is that not suitable?

  • G10 works for setting temp, but that's not my goal. My goal is to make a pause.g script that automatically takes the temps of the 4 tools, stores them, and sets them to 0, so I can unpause with the temps automatically going back to what they were.

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