Print time estimates

  • I can understand why different methods of estimating print time remaining all have their individual validity, but given that they all change/converge as the print progresses and are viewed, certainly by me, as fairly much rough guesses anyway, why not just average the three methods and display one print time remaining saving screen real-estate and potential confusion?

  • Not keen on that Simon. Currently we have 3 guestimates but depending on the model, I've become accustomed to knowing which one is likely to be the closest of the 3 quite soon after the print has commenced. e.g if it was largish flat object such as box lid with 3 solid layers top and bottom, I know that the filament usage is going to be the closest as soon as the print starts, and that layer time, based on the first solid layers with rest at 20% infill will be way out. Likewise with a highly detailed print with lots of short or segmented moves, the file size is likely to be closer than either layer time or filament usage. As you say, all 3 are guestimates but personally I've become accustomed to knowing which 2 to ignore or quite often, I can formulate a better guestimate based on those 3 provided in conjunction with the knowledge of the object being printed (i.e it might have a tall thin part sticking up from the main body so I know that layer height will be somewhat less than is indicated). Just my personal opinion.

  • Also isnt this soon supposed to be resolved once the gcode time analyzer script is integrated? i forget who it is working on it but the results seemed very accurate.

  • That would be good, I'd certainly be in favour of one accurate method over the current system.

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