M350, M92 and M906 in conjunction with dual X and Y motors

  • The latest evolution of my printer will have two coreXY gantry's stacked one above the other. The lower one will have the Diamond hot end, the upper one will have the extruders and will essentially mirror the movement of the lower one.

    So my drive mapping is going to look something like this M584 X0:1 Y2:3 Z4 E5:6:7:8:9 (2off X motors, 2off Y motors, 1off Z motor and 5 off extruder motors).

    My question is, when I set microstepping, steps per mm and motor currents, do I do them for each axis or for each motor? i,.e does my M350 need to look like
    a) X16 Y16 Z16 E16:16:16:16:16
    b) X16:16 Y16:16 Z16 E16:16:16:16:16

    I'm assuming it would be the latter. Likewise with steps per mm (M92) and motor currents (M350).

    Also speeds and accelerations M566, M203 and M201. I'm assuming these apply per axis so the same settings would be automatically used by each motor driver for that axis but maybe not as they can be set differently for extruders.

    Currently I have for example M201 X1200 Y660 Z10 E3600:3600:3600 so would it need to become M201 X1200:1200 Y660:660 Z10 E3600:3600:3600 etc

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    It's (a ). Microstepping is per axis or extruder, not per drive. Same for M203, M201 and M566. Multiple motors driving a single axis must use the same microstepping and steps/mm.

    The M584 command must come before some other commands, e.g. M906 and M350.

  • Thank you.

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