SOLVED CS2 and CS3 unusable for DHT22 when daughter board present

  • I'm doing some comparisons between Thermistors, PT1000 and PT100 sensors and was trying to configure a DHT22

    I have a PT100 sensor daughter board and know:
    spi.CS0 = sensor 1
    spi.CS1 = sensor 2

    Considering one can cascade 2 boards and I only have 1, I assumed I could use spi.CS2 and spi.CS3 which would be used for the 2nd daughter board.
    If I configure CS2 or CS3 as ports for the DHT22 to use it doesn't work.
    If I take the daughter board out, the DHT22 works.

    So, why does the daughter board prevents spi.CS2 and spi.CS3 from being used?

    On a Duet2 Wifi I was using spi.CS5 as a workaround but I moved to a Duet3 6HC.
    How can I have PT100 and DHT22 on a Duet3 6HC?

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    @jbarros, when the daughter board is present, how are you connecting to CS2 and CS3 ?

  • @dc42 when I read your question it all made sense 😄
    I was wiring to the daughter board output pins but using the 6HC pinout.
    Of course CS2 and CS3 will be on the daughter board's output pins at 6HC's CS0 and CS1 pinout!

    I'll add something to the wiki to make it easier for the next guy.

    Thank you Sir!

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