Duet wifi: short-to-ground

  • Hi,

    I just purchased a duet wifi from an authorized reseller and I started by following your tutorial to get the software up and running while updating it to 3.1.1. I checked the controller state and I get the following error for both X and Y axis drivers:

    short-to-ground standstill, SG min/max not available

    Only thing plugged in is the +24v. I'm a bit cautious to go any further since I read online this is probably caused by bad drivers.


  • Moderator

    Can you post the results of M122 and M98 P"config.g"?

    Please verify that your motor phases are wired correctly.


    Once you have the phases correctly identified if you're still getting the error message they the motor on a different driver to see if the error follows the motors. similarly, try a motor that worked on another driver and try it on the X/Y to see if the error is still present. This will help us determine if it's a driver problem.