More than 1 panel due

  • Can two panel dues be connected to the duet wifi and display at the same time?

  • Uart isn't meant to be a shared (multiple asynchronous masters) bus, so unless you happen to get lucky with the two not interfering with each other you might get some latency issues due to corrupted packets getting discarded.

    If you already have the hardware on hand you could try leaving out the tx pin on the second PanelDue hoping it will parse and display the data the first is requesting. If that doesnt work there is a few projects somewhere on the forum that basically multiplexes the PanelDue port.

    So in short, not supported but can be done, likely require some tinkering.

  • administrators

    RRF does not support PanelDue on more than one serial port, although on machines that have two or more serial ports, it could be added.

    If one PanelDue was needed for displaying the machine state only (i.e. no commands sent by it) then it could have its DIN line connected on parallel with the other PanelDue, so that it snoops on the data sent to the other one.

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