Recommendation on heatbed setup

  • I'm currently building a new 3D printer and am very interesting in using the Duet Wifi board.
    Ideally I'd like to power as much as the hardware as I can with 24 volts but I'm also very interesting in using the MK-42 heatbed (<https:"" en="" home="" 161-mk42.html="">). The issue that concerns me is that this heatbed is designed to be powered by 12v 140W.

    Assuming that this heatbed cannot handle a 24v feed without burning up, I'm trying to determine some alternative wiring options.
    One thought is to place a 24v-to-12v step-down buck converter between the heatbed output (on the duet wifi) and the heatbed, but I suspect this would surpass the max 18A current the Duet Wifi board can handle.

    The other potential solution I see is using a power supply with both 24v and 12v rails, then signaling a power relay to turn the heatbed on and off via a signal from the Duet Wifi board.

    I'm curious as to how others using a Duet Wifi might go about solving this issue aside from giving up and moving to a 24v silicone heater.

    Thank you to anyone with tips or thoughts!

    Rob Chevalier</https:>

  • Easiest is to get 24v fans and heaters then wire it all to the duet.

    But twin DC psu will work, you can even use your 12v heater on 24v just undersize the psu to limit the wattage. Use an external mosfet they're very cheap.

    Or go mains for the bed.

  • Thanks guys, I appreciate the tips! CaLviNx, extra thanks for the link to filefiarm, I hadn't stumbled across their site yet.



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