Hotend Faulting out mid-print

  • Working with a Duet Wifi/Smart effector/E3D Volcano setup on my Anycubic Predator for over a year. Went to check on my printer at 20:01 and it immediately faulted out the heater when opening the web control. Got it restarted after checking the wiring to see if there was any problems, but now it doesn't hold temp as well as if the PID tune changed. The chart at the beginning of the print hours ago was more normal, but it continues sporatically. Is this a bug?


  • Moderator

    Based on the graph I would say there's an issue with the thermistor wiring or the thermistor itself. Those drops and spikes seem too steep to be actual accurate measurements.

    Noise or interference along the thermistor wire?

  • administrators

    The sharp drops suggest to me that there is a bad connection in the thermistor circuit.

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