Duet wifi with 2x 80w heaters

  • Hi duet team,
    I'm trying to print at >100mm/sec but when I'm exceeding 60mm/sec I see the temperature of the heater block dropping. I have a setup with a dual e3dv6. So I would like to upgrade to the volcano heater block and use the e3d 80w heater cartridges.

    So here the question: Is the duet wifi able to handle 2X 80W heaters? I'm running it at 24V so should be 6.6A overall. Also, I'm managing the heater of the bed with a switch so no load on the duet wifi.


  • @Marco_76 IIRC, duet gen 2 can handle 5A per heater so you'd need to use two outputs.

    As an aside, if you need to run two 80 watt heaters, you have something seriously wrong. I have printed at 300mm/sec using a diamond 5 colour, 0.5 nozzle, 0.3 layer height, fitted with a single 40 Watt heater cartridge.

  • If you are talking about the SuperVolcano 80W heaters, I have run two of them without a problem, although I generally I only heat one of them at a time.

  • IIRC the 5A limit is for the screw terminal. The Mosfet for the heaters is rated for at least an order of magnitude more, so if the average load stays below 5A it might work long term, but obviously can't recommend to exceed the manufacturer rating.

  • I landed to the slice engineering mosquito heater 50W and should be compatible with E3D V6 (22mm x 6mm) . This will drive 2A per heater. Thanks for your support.

  • the good quality ones you get from china are doing a good enough job


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